Committed to finest cloth

You can readily chose from 30.000 meters of finest cloth in stock at our manufactory in Weißenburg We rely exclusively on the cooperation with the best weavers worldwide, and assure ourselves personnally on site,– whether it be in England, Italy, or Japan, thereby ensuring that our exacting quality requirements are met right from the very beginning resulting in the perfect fabric for your suit.

We pay close attention when choosing our fabrics in order to suit your requirements. Starting with the perfect feel of a cashmere suit jacket all the way to the highest demands of a business trip.

Unlimited wrinkle-free wearability even after long-haul flights or tiring car and train rides. Therefore our suits fit perfectly even after multi-day use.

Our quality stems from the unique combination of solid craftsmanship and lightness of fabric. While our tailors always apply the highest precision in their work, two suits made by Regent are never alike down to the last detail. This is provided by the human touch in the manufactory, the natural movement of our fabric, and your personality as a wearer.

Our willingness to respond to your individual style and sartorial wishes opens unlimited possibilities. To this day it is our advantage that we are able to produce individual and high quality fashion that adapts ideally to your needs and emphazises your preferences.

It goes without saying that we are prepared to offer our tailoring service not only in our manufactory in Weißenburg, but we can also offer deliver it at a location and time of your choice. No matter whether your prefer advice at home in a relaxed atmosphere, at the hotel, at the airport, or in your office. For us, no distance is too far.


From the very beginning we have focused on making men look perfect when wearing a suit. We hereby interpret traditional shapes in a contemporary and straight-forward style. We deliberately avoid short-term temporary fashion – without ignoring long-term trends. Our customers appreciate our sustainable philosophy enabling you to always make the perfect choice with suits made by Regent.

It is our goal to enhance your personality by more elements. We start with the truly correct color choice of the fabric and continue with the exact adaption of buttonhole silk and the “noble accent”, which is set by a horn button all the way to the discrete revival achieved by a strong color of lining. It is always the love for distinction that makes the difference.

In professional life it is all the more important, even after a long day and having been in different body postures, to own a suit or sports jacket that will adapt to your individual body shape. Much like a second skin. Because of this in every single one of our jackets a complex masterpiece is performing its task for you.

The padding made of breathable horse- and camel hair. A real treasure of tailoring. Despite incredibly lightness the shape of your suit is preserved all day long and adapts likewise subtly to your body. Every day. Again and again.


Casual fashion for the ambitious

Also in the sector of casual clothing we unite lightness and functionality in their extremes. Immaculate styles enable you to highest mobility; the lightest materials create an unknown sensation of comfort. With our „casuals“ alike we hereby interpret traditional shapes in a contemporary and straight-forward style.

Functionality is no self-purpose for our products. In fact we consider it luxury when functionality happens secretly and our fabrics match newest developments. Once you’ve got used to the outstanding quality of our clothing made by Regent you will not want to miss it during your leisure time.

Ceremonial occasions

Evening Jacket, Morning Suit or Tailcoat
Whether for the most beautiful day in your life, an evening reception, a dinner, or a visit to the opera: Being the only manufactory we at Regent offer you clothing suitable for all ceremonial occasions that enable you to make a point in a custom-made formalwear. Here again we put a special emphasis on highest quality and offer you individual solutions.