»Black Tie«–Event with Ladage & Oelke

In September Regent opened a Pop-Up-Store in collaboration with the venerated clothier »Ladage & Oelke« on Neuer Wall in Hamburg.

Both Regent and Ladage & Oelke have in common that recently a new generation has taken over. It is Selma and Thomas Wegmann who offered to convert Ladage & Oelke’s »Green Room« into a Pop-Up-Space. It’s there we host an ongoing series of events ranging in topic from etiquette advice to collaborations with the British mill »Fox Brothers«.

Ladage & Oelke’s Selma Wegmann and Regent’s Philippe Brenninkmeijer asked the German author Bernhard Roetzel to host the Black-Tie-Evening. Highly respected among menswear aficionados and suit loving men I general, he is best known for his book The Gentleman“, which covers a lot of ground and mostly focusses on clothing styles and etiquette.

„Wearing a smoking does not mean one cannot have fun“

Bernhard Roetzel

Mr Roetzel introduced and elaborated on the concept of black tie: it’s heritage, rules and contemporary application. He used anecdotes to illustrate why Black Tie“ is both serious business and yet no reason for despair. While shoes permit a range of possibilities opera pumps, naturally, but whole cuts are also an option, if mirror shined it is for example neckwear that is, to this day, highly regimented. Permitted is a black or midnight blue bow-tie only.

After the event Mr. Roetzel signed copies of his books while guests enjoyed Dalmore Whisky, which was graciously provided by their representative Mario Kappes, and were able to get a feel for the current ready-to-wear and made-to-measure offerings of Regent suits and jackets.

Our next event will also be held in the »Green Room« at Ladage & Oelke. On the 2nd of December Douglas Cordeaux will showcase cloth from the famous »Fox Brothers« mill.