About us


A wealth of experience

Our staff at Weißenburg has in total more than 1000 years of experience that is flowing into the production of your suit in our manufactory.

A unique wealth of capabilities. Only the best and finest materials find their way to our manufactory. The maximum precision in workmanship and avoidance of compromises are playing an important role for us. We cut our fabric traditionally whereby every cut in workmanship resembles the precision of a clock mechanism.

With respect to the natural characteristics of the fabric every check is being measured that exactly and every stripe accurately congruent which makes the course of pattern look harmonically in every part of the finished suit. To make your suit appear elegant, noble, soft and smooth we need – besides our affection for our workmanship – about 20 hours of work and more than 10,000 manual stitches.

From the very beginning your suit is unique and by wearing it becomes a part of your personality.


The last of its kind

Regent is the only manufactory producing finest handmade suits in Germany. Since 1946, the year, in which we were founded by Henryh Barik and Dr. Michael Aisenstad in franconian Weißenburg. After focusing exclusively on the production of shirts in the beginning we quickly expanded the product line for our clients and transferred our traditional and exclusive tailoring to producing high quality suits for men. We hereby feel obliged to the highest school of fashion for men. To the non-fixed, loosely on horsehair tailor-made suit.

Tradition is the passing on of the flame, not the ashes

Thomas Morus

Back then, in times of heavy fabrics, our light and soft workmanship was like a pioneering feet, which has been gladly imitated by our competitors ever since. Until this day the advantage of Regent is founded by the masterful usage of the lightest fabrics for men worldwide and individual adaption to your personal body shape.

We feel truly obliged to the tradition of our company founders and because of this our traditional values pertain unrestrained: On the one hand a no-compromise quality in the materials we use and a dedicated team producing exclusive fashion for men. On the other hand the steady willingness to create individual solutions for you as our client. This can exclusively be realized by „handmade in Germany“ ensured at our manufactory in Weißenburg.


The measure of all things

The measure of all things is you as the customer. And Regent is the only manufactory, which produces finest handmade suits in Germany. Reason enough for you to have your suit customized in Weißenburg. We assist you with our advice from the choice of the correct fabric to finding buttons. We transfer every single one of your requirements to the fabric, wearability and lightness and accurately fine-tune every detail with you. By doing that your suit will enhance your presence, which explains itself without further words.

Our customer is king too

For 7 decades we have been internationally representing every facet of the fashion-conscious man. Men, who do not want go without the classical lines of a Regent suit. Our customers are chairmen, businessmen, politicians, authors, actors, world champions, and Olympic champions…. and even kings, who are crowned in a „Regent“.

In the media

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